Apicoltura Cazzola

Miele Italiano

Our History

A few years ago, my brother and I, we bought three hives to pollinate the orchards of the farm and also to put into practice the years of study of this fascinating subject: apicolture.

The comments of friends and relatives, the first discoverers of our honey, were of encouraging enthusiasm for whole days dedicated to this passion.

Over the years, this small group has been somewhat enlarged and those who taste our products experience the same joyful acceptance of who rediscovers a pure flavor. Our secret was and remains only one: "Do not change what nature has already produced in a perfect way."

Even today, with more than 200 hives, are proud to continue the same way aware of the difficulties of those who have made ​​quality his vocation.

Honey, element extremely valuable and nutritious, it was already in the past one of the earliest human diet. Before the appearance of sugar cane, was the only sweetener in nature. The many substances that compose it, which include minerals, vitamins, enzymes, sugars "complex" and "simple" (assumed directly by the body), making it one of the most wholesome and healthy product for our daily diet. Once the bees have stored it in the hives, it is extracted by centrifugation and, after decantation in ripeners, it is put into jars. With the lowering of the temperature, depending on the different botanical origin, it begins to dull and tends to crystallize.

Even today we use this natural process, as obligatory for the genuineness of a living food, respecting a proper and professional conduct of our hives  throughout the year .. In fact, speaking of Integral Virgin Honey , we underline  that this product retains all its natural nutritional properties, since it has not undergone any treatment that could have  change them.

To obtain different botanical origin honey, hives are taken during the year on the respective blooms all over the country. This is called "nomadism" and, as with other agricultural activities, weather conditions play a major role. This is why the selection of our honeys, as well as their characteristics, may vary depending on the year (in fact, in some years, are not always available all tastes). Families are moved only at night in order to be positioned at dawn on the harvest field.

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